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I guess I see his point….(chuck)

Bach: “They’re [the current lineup of SKID ROW] still around and they’re playing where they play and I have to go on the Internet all the time and explain to people that I’m not in the band, and it’s just frustrating.

“If you got fired from a job, everywhere you go, it wouldn’t be, ‘Jimmy who worked at McDonald’s in ’89.’ You’d be like, ‘Get over it.’ [laughs]”

On why he can’t reunite with his former bandmates as SKID ROW:

Bach: “Let me answer it as honestly as I can. You’re talking about… When SKID ROW was last good… We broke up in ’96, but I don’t even count that. I would say ’91 was when we were last really a good band. I just don’t live in 1991 in 2010, and I’m talking about four other guys that I haven’t seen in 15 years.

“I think of SKID ROW the same way you might think of picking up your high-school yearbook. You have affection for what happened 30 years ago, but you look at the yearbook and you go, ‘Oh, cool,’ and you shut it, and it’s today.

“I don’t know those people.

“It’s not sports. It’s not like a team.