Ray Boltz…”unbolts”… from heterosexuality…

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I guess its old news by now since it happened in 2008 but I just found out about it and thought I would write about it. First off, his music is powerful and anointing. Remember “Watch the Lamb” and “Thank You”? Great ministering songs. They have been used in “Easter” dramas in churches all over the world… Ray has won 3 Dove awards over the years and sold over 4 million albums during his 20 years as a Christian performer.


I really don’t care whether he is gay or straight or on the fence, behind the fence or no were near the fence. That’s not what I am writing about. I read his biography on his website and some of the facebook posts from fellow (or should I say former) Christian fans of his and that is disturbing to say the least.

Here are some of the quotes from Christians’

“I just found out that you came out as a homosexual. I actually cried when I discovered this was true. I want you to know that I am praying that God gives you the strength to overcome the lifestyle you have chosen”

“I have a couple of friends that are, but I love them and pray God will for them, they know it not right, and I know one day they will turn, to God!”

“I love you brother, but it is the sin, that I can’t agree with. If you notice everything that pertains to homosexuality hard to come by, God created families, that alone in itself show that, you can’t created children, you said you were born like that, that is not possible,”

And this one…

“Are you still singing. I went to the Christian book store here and they told me they no longer carried your albums.”

It’s funny but  not in a “laughable’ way how fast some, dare I say most? Christians drop people who no longer fit what they perceive is how one should look or act as a christian. Why is that so? Why are they or we, ( I do think I am a christian) so quick to do that? Like damaged goods we all are, right? So, Ray comes out and is immediately kicked to the curb. What if it was just a divorce? Or what if he came out with a drug problem? Would he be treated any differently?

The bible in the past has been used to condone and condemn slavery at the same time. An entire civilization (The Incas’) was wiped out in the name of God by Christians that misinterpreted the bible. It was also misused to send innocent people to their deaths by God fearing Christians that suspected them to be witches. It goes on and on.So maybe Christians are wrong about someone being gay and God hating them… What do you think? Maybe Christians’ mean well but in reality, they are really just using the same tatics that has been used in the past. The ole “Repent or die” method. Not that they actually kill people these days but they slay them with words and not kindness.

  I will be the first to admit that as far as some Gay agendas are concerned… I don’t like their tactics either. Some of them have the accept me or else type of attitude.  They rise up and push their agenda in our faces and exploit it on tv. They being gay doesn’t offend me but those actions offend me. That either “accept me or I will sue” mentality.That doesn’t work for me either. But as a friend of mine just recently pointed out. Maybe they are just responding back with what they have had to put up with from Christians who had pushed their own agendas in their face for so long that  it was time to push back? Who knows…


Can’t we all just get along?


Enjoy the vidoes!