David Wilkerson R.I.P.

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Really this is about a week late but since I no longer  watch christian Tv as much as I used to and I didn’t see it in the secular news. Well, I missed it…. David Wilkerson was an Evangelist that was drawn to New York City to preach the gospel of Jesus to the street gangs and drug addicts in 1958. Which was basically unheard of at that time. He also founded the Times Square church. In 1963 He wrote a book about his experiences in New York entitled “The Cross and the Switch Blade. It ended up selling around 50 million copies World Wide  and in 1970 was turned into a Hollywood movie of the same name staring Pat Boone and a young Erik Estrada. In the Christian circle the movie is highly regarded as a wonderful ministering tool to reach people even to this day. Though some what dated with the clothes and street language of “today”, the movie is a good movie to watch and I remember being touched by it the first time I saw it many years ago as a young church attendee. As we were scanning channels last night my wife and I came across it and saw where it was being rebroadcast  “in Memory” of David Wilkerson. So I grabbed the laptop and researched his name. He was killed in a car wreck on April 27th 2011 and was buried May 3rd. His wife is still in the hospital as of this writing. He was 79.

If you get a chance I would recommend checking out the movie “the Cross and the Switch Blade”. You may or may not “get” the message but its a good movie all in the same…I have included a youtube video of different clips from the movie… Check it out.