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Can you feel that?
You better hold on
This one’s about to get bumpy
– Rev Theory –

Welcome to Sat-UR-day at Rocklahoma 2011! Rocklahoma had a record breaking attendance of over 35,000 people this year. Organizers had it right when they booked one ground pounding band after another! No matter what your taste for rock was, there was something to excite and entertain you throughly for sure. Just when you think it can’t get any better, it did. The Hard Rock Stage on Day 2 was pumping and bumping all day to great bands including Pop Evil and Adelitas Way who put on a hard hitting show that made concert attendees jump up and down. Go see them Live! Cavo brought some St. Louis, to Rocklahoma and kept the Hard Rock Stage full of rock energy ! You can get your fix of new Cavo FREE at – A new single called, ” Hold Your Ground”. Put out early and exclusively for fans to honor a fan who built the site entirely on information given to her by Cavo.

All the way from across the pond (Worcester, Worcestershire, UK) our friends, those dam Gypsy Pistoleros are up at the Hard Rock Stage and these guys have Rocklahoma written all over them. An explosive rock show! You never know what is coming next with these glam machines but you know it will be an ass kicking good time! Lee and Iggie Pistolero have made a constant connection with listeners that you could see the entire time they were here at Rocklahoma. On and off stage these guys know how to Rocklahoma! Thank you Lee!

Now it’s all about a beer!! (get me one lol) Taddy Porter! No it’s a band! Taddy Porter, that is right, named after an ale. Taddy Porter’s live shows just get better and better a southern, gritty, fast paced, crowd pleasing concert that really added a lot of character to the Rocklahoma lineup. I also had a chance to interview Taddy Porter at the Media tent Saturday. Watch for that interview out soon here at Kick Acts Magazine.

The Air National Guard was doing fly overs in observance of Memorial Day in a Blackhawk which is always very cool. A massive thank you to them from all of us here at Kick Acts Magazine and from Oklahoma. It was defiantly heating up on SatURday in Pryor, OK. Summertime never felt so good. Driving through the two massive sections of VIP and General Admission camping was a show too! Happy campers (literally), truckloads of girls in bikinis and people even enjoying the country of Oklahoma by fishing, swimming, enjoying delicious food, ice cold drinks, entertaining vendors at every corner, radio row visiting with fans and facilitating meet and greets, a sea of familiar faces of friends from last year, fans visiting with their favorite bands, And of course constant rock!

On the Main stage Staind was sharp like a knife and precise. He sang a set of fifteen songs one being ” Country Song” which made the crowd roar with excitement. Drowning Pool …YOU FREAKIN’ STOLE SATurDAY!!! Right on time this band formed in 1996 and through up and downs keep true to their music and their performance at Rocklahoma could not have been any more punch in the gut awesome than it was! I did not see one person at the Main Stage that would’ve disagreed with that. Well done. Rev Theory on tour supporting their current album ” Justice” did not disappoint ! They handed fans a solid hard rock show! I also interviewed Rev Theory and cannot wait to tell you about that in an upcoming article! HELL YEAH!??

The Retrospect Stage had so much musically to offer. Fantastic lineup for this Memorial weekend SatURday. There was also the Axis Stage where Siva Addiction served up all the metal you could take, from the first beat! Awesome music. Sweatin’ Bullets a local alternative metal band nailed their show to the ground! Formed in 2005 these guys have said a big “HEY CHECK THIS OUT!!! We are here to stay!”. Many many more bands thrilled the Camping Rocklahoma crowd at all hours of the day and night! The party at Camp Jagar was contagious! A stage there as well. Here is where I heard Aura Surreal from UT. This band is a metal force to be reckoned with! I went to the front of the stage to see what my ears were loving. And they are hard rock hypnotic. Head banging thrash kick your ass metal. And proud. They should be they rocked Oklahoma! Camp Jager and everyone who worked there made it the coolest place to hang out after hours, no doubt!

A HUGE thank you to each of you who made the Camp Jager stage possible! Great food, awesome drinks and even a wedding! Yes that’s right. A couple was united in Holy Matrimony at Rocklahoma 2011. Ceremony was performed by Charlie Owens. Sweet! More on the BleachBangs gang in day 3. They will even BANG your ugly friends!! \m/

Sleep??! No one is getting any.
And we are fine with that.
We are here to Rock.
Ride with me into Day 3!?…