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Posted on August 4, 2011
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Wisdom of “The Smoke”’

Decisions you or I make early in life can have lifelong consequences whether you choose to believe it or not. Need examples? I have plenty… When I was in middle school and high school a lot of us kids smoked cigarettes. We did it because it was cool, and also to gain acceptance with our peers. There was the phrase “Everybody is doing it”. So we did. But For whatever reason it is what we did. Not much different than what kids are doing today or did fifty years ago. Maybe a movie hero smoked and that’s why some started. There is a famous photograph of James Dean smoking. He was an actor to the youth of the fifties while he was alive. He died in 1955 in a car wreck going to a race. He only made three movies but the impression he left on the world is still lasting to this day. A lot of young kids want to be to “A rebel without a cause”, or the next Kurt Cobain. Not a real good example since he committed suicide but he is now an “icon” and there for emulated. So most of us will pick up a smoke… Some try it and don’t like it. Some try it and smoke for a while and then give it up. Some try it and then they find years later as an adult they can’t stop the habit. It is very addicting. Maybe I should go back and underline “addicting”? Now I am not down on smoking or preaching against it. Just applying some wisdom that I have seen to the matter. So if you are young and smoke. Look around you. Watch your friends that smoke. Ever notice that they squint their eyes when they smoke? You do too. Well, in just a few years those “squints” will become permanent wrinkles, also known as crow’s feet; on your much too young to be looking this old face. It is especially hard on young women. And what you consider cool now will slowly own you. You will become a slave to those little three inch high masters. Think not? Most that start smoking will be thoroughly hooked and use the excuse “I enjoy it” years later when they can’t breathe but still “light up”. For an example, my wife and daughter worked for a rest home. They took care of elderly people. Several of the residents were lifetime smokers and now are on oxygen tanks from the damage of smoking. My wife would wheel them outside so they could take off their oxygen mask long enough to smoke. So even at the point where their lungs were shot and they had to have compressed oxygen in a tank they still smoked! So my advice to you is to take care of your lungs and don’t start and if you have already started …STOP! Throw them down. Once again, I am not “downing” smokers… But the facts are facts. It is very bad for you. Of course not everyone that smokes will wind up with lung or mouth cancer or oxygen tanks and there are some that will have lung problems and never have smoked but why increase your odds greatly to getting it when you don’t have too? Also smoking takes the wind out of you. If you like to run, or play basketball, hike and any other activity that requires your heart to pump more blood and oxygen to your lungs, well smoking will take that away from you in a few years. If you are young it probably hasn’t affected you much from doing that much but it will.
Ever notice that when smokers eat they almost always run outside no matter what type of weather and smoke. The cravings will not go away until the nicotine level is resupplied to their body; hence you will see people standing out in the rain, sleet or snow to satisfy those cravings. They can’t help they are addicted to it. See the definition below…
The state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming…

One more thing and I will get off my soap box and I want to say that if you smoke. You have a right to. I am against banning smokers or cigarettes. We have enough bans already. I am just pointing out the wisdom I have experienced with it.
As you enjoy your cigarette, ever notice you cough? Maybe not but you do. That is a sign that the lungs are trying to expel the poisonous smoke you have just inhaled into them on purpose. When you are young it’s probably not too noticeable but as the years go on and you continue to smoke, the cough will become more and more dominate in your life. You will cough all the time. When you wake up. While you sleep. While you eat. While you are smoking. Etc. etc. And if by chance you don’t smoke but your spouse does… Well, as the years go by and their cough gets worse and worse, it becomes hard to sleep with someone that has coughing spells and coughs in their sleep all night. They may be resting, but you won’t be. So it could lead to separate bedrooms.
So in conclusion, what have we learned? Hopefully you will never pick up a cigarette and start and if you have started. Try throwing them down and be the better person… You can save a lot of money and plus probably live a healthier life.
I enjoy breathing on my own too much so I don’t smoke. I have tried it and yes I did it as a teenager and later on in life from time to time I had a cigarette here and there but for some unknown reason that I am quite thankful for is that I never got attached to them. I can live without them for real. So now let’s move on from this to a lighter subject. Time for some…

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