Cory Taylor on Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy issue “save your f**king money., pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

I saw the leaked photos too and she has nothing to bring to the table… A Photoshopped rail of a person. I have seen more meat on a chicken wing. Girls are supposed to be curvy but the only curves she has are the ones she has taken in life and they aren’t good for her either. I will give it to her that she is a vagaterian. That’s definitely a bonus and not a crime in my book but unfortunately she is on the road to the “27 forever” club. I don’t wish that on her but she is definitely headed that way.


from Blabbermouth:

SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor has slammed actress Lindsay Lohan‘s 10-page nude pictorial in Playboy magazine, claiming that she looks “like a series of toll booths.”

Taylor has been on a solo tour for the past few weeks, combining acoustic performances with audience interaction and readings from his book “Seven Deadly Sins”.

During a recent stop on the trek, Taylor said (see video below), “If anyone hasn’t seen the Lindsey Lohan Playboy shots yet, save your fucking money. She looks like a series of toll booths. She looks like somebody has fucking tossed their fucking change into it, and you’re just like… ugh. I didn’t know you could airbrush that much — I’ve gotta be honest — because her body is, like, it’s okay, but her face but her face is, like, [gives look of disgust]. It’s like somebody opened the Ark Of The Covenant at the end of [the] ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’ [movie], you know what I’m saying?! That one dude who’s just melting like a motherfucker. He’s like [extends face with his mouth wide open]. Boo [gives one thumb down].”

for the leaked uncensored photos go here but NSFW