Old Skool Vivian Campbell vs. Present day Vivian Campbell

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vivian campbellFirst off, It’s well known Vivian was not a fan of his time with playing in Dio for a long time but I guess maybe time has healed that but that is where I got introduced to his playing. I remember winning tickets off of 103GBF and back stage passes to see Dio in concert and after the show Vivian brought out his new Charvel guitar with the Holy Diver album artwork painted on it. It was cool as “Heck” to say the least and I got to hold it. Vivian was a nice guy to hang with and so was all the rest of the guys in Dio.

Vivian has played in Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy and Sweet Savage just to name a few bands. Vivian is a great guitar player. He joined Def Leppard in 1992 after the death of Steaming Steve Clark.

I was checking out Vivian’s Facebook page and he said he has knocked the dust off the old Dio songs and has been jamming with the old members of that band.

The sound that Vivian had back with Dio is an incredible sound and those songs were all over the radio. It was back when music was music!

So if you had your pick… Which Vivian would you pick? Old Skool or the present day one? Here are some videos to help you decide 🙂

Up next we have Def Leppard with Vivian Campbell. His style of playing is a lot different and sounds more like the Beatles on some of these songs but there is nothing wrong with that. It’s more of a compliment. I prefer Vivian Campbell‘s hard rock days in Dio and Whitesnake but its just my opinion. Def Leppard are a great band too.

And I have to really be fair  so here are a couple of songs that I really like from Def Leppard when they were young and had a harder guitar feel to the mix before the pop metal success of Pyromania which blew everything out of the water and was a huge hit for the band.

So inclosing….which Vivian Campbell?  Old Skool or the present day one? Leave your vote in the comments section 🙂

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