Damn…Good bye Roberts Stadium…

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I saw so many great ROCK shows there before and after it was remodeled….What a waste to be turned in to grass. Looks like the much smaller Ford center won out in the end.



EVANSVILLE — Roberts Stadium will be torn down after more than 55 years of service to the region, and will turn into green space, Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke announced Wednesday afternoon.

Winnecke revealed his plan for the stadium befor the city Board of Parks Commisioners during a public meeting at the Civic Center.

Winnecke said his plans were to turn the 35-acre site into a large green space. In the short run, the site would sit empty.

When he took office at the first of the year, Winnecke formed a Roberts Stadium Task Force that collected more than 600 ideas submitted by the public. Winnecke said the ideas could not put Roberts in competition with the Ford Center, nor could it be turned into a commercial property such as a strip mall.