“No Doubt” pulls video over a special interest group..wtf??????

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Is wrong with you people. What happened to acting”? It’s a video. So many special interest groups wear their feelings on their sleeve. It’s a sad world when everyone has to apologize for their color, creed,career or what ever.The video is artistic. A mini movie.

Look. On my Mother’s side, her mom was full blooded Cherokee. So that makes me part Cherokee too and I didn’t find the video offensive. I hardly find anything offensive.. You wanna know why? I have what a lot of people have long sense lost. It’s called “common sense” about things. I thought for a band as good as No Doubt the song itself was weak and lame but the video?? Come on people. Get over yourself. We all are “mutts” anyway…

South park handled this situation a long time ago about Christmas… You can’t mention Christmas and Jesus because some Jewish folks get offended. You can’t have a manager scene because some atheists gets “offended” and threatens to sue…

It’s time you cry babies grew up and let people live….Jeeesh.