David Bowie releases new song!

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dbThis guy is a musical genius! He turned 66 yesterday and released this new song! The lyrics are outstanding and deep. So far better than the 10 words in a techno dance beat song crap we are forced to listen to on the radio today. Music of today should be made to study the greats like Bowie. I have included some of my favorite Bowie songs underneath the new one. Enjoy. If you don’t like Bowie then jeesh I don’t know what to say…He has had something to say in every decade since the 60’s! Will Justin Bieber or Miley Cryus be able to do that? I think not.



Here is a  synopsis of the video scenes: (pretty interesting for sure!)



David Bowie: Where Are We Now?

Now on to more Bowie!

From 1969 Space Oddity


Ashes to ashes (One I personally love!)

Modern Love

Under Pressure with QUEEN (another great freaking song!) Why can’t we give love one more chance????

And even though not all of Bowie’s great work is represented here, I will leave you with this one.

My very personal favorite….I could loop this song and pass away happy to it…

Life on Mars