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Check out the following video below. Never since the days of  Milli Vanilli has this been so true. These days so many “singers” aren’t great or even good professional singers on the world’s stage and hell they are selling millions of albums and every teeny bopper kid is addicted to buying their swag. Now we even have  teeny girls supposedly cutting themselves because Justin Bieber is smoking pot. Hello kids…Your parents probably smoked pot so get over it. No need to get all cut up about it. (yea you can thank me for the cutting reference joke). But back to this video. It’s so true. Most singers today can’t carry a pitch much less sing at all with autotunes and pitch correction devices we have today. But I would suspect that the singers and artists of your parents time were singers and not faking it with all the life saving vocal crap today. A recording studio could probably make s mute person sound like Cher.