TicketMaster out of tickets.Here’s why

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I still think Ticket”bastard” sucks out loud… I hate buying tickets from them but I guess its how it’s got to be. But here are 6  real reasons why. I will just put down number 3.

For the complete article over at Buzzfeed. Hit the link after the paragraph…


3. Many artists scalp their own tickets.

Managers — and sometimes artists themselves — regularly sell their allotment of tickets on the secondary market to the highest bidders. This has been going on for decades, and though it sounds sleazy, they’re legally in the clear.

This practice is pervasive in the concert industry, but it’s very rare that anyone is called out on it, though Katy Perry was outed for doing this when The Smoking Gun posted her tour rider in 2011. Here’s the language her management used in the rider:

From Buzzfeed.