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_facebook_1069201871_One year ago today (March 29th, 2012) my Nephew David Wayne Gee-Taylor was killed in an accident in the Kandahar region of your country. Several of his unit buddies are still suffering from the injuries they substained that day and will probably have pain and suffering for the rest of their lives from that fateful day.

He went to your country voluntarily, along with all the other proud men and Women of the United States and other Countries. Not as an invading army to conquer and pillar but to help you gain your freedom from an oppression. It’s what we do when someone somewhere needs help. Time after time we lend a helping hand. Throughout the world when there is a wrong doing, calamity or natural disaster, our men and women come to help.

To date there have been over 3000 men and women from the coalition killed in Afghanistan for “Operation Enduring Freedom”. 2000 plus from America alone including my nephew “Lil” David. And, just a few days ago  another young man  from our neighboring Daviess county.

And for what may I ask you? So that you are no longer the oppressed. He, along with the others that are still serving in your Country and for the ones that have paid the ulimate price. You may not like or agree with our Government. That’s fine. We also don’t always agree with it either. But that’s not the point I am getting at.

What I am getting at is this. He was there to help you. He believed in what he stood for. “Freedom”. He willingly gave his life and his future for you, “The People of Afghanistan” and for you to experience Freedom. He was so much bigger than his upbringing. He said “Yes I will go” and he did. He knew the risk. All that serve know the risk. Thier families know the risk and carry the burden. But they all volunteered and their families stood by them. They weren’t forced or drafted…They went freely. Freely to support and assist you “The People of Afghanistan”.

So what makes someone sign up for service and to go over to a foreign soil to help knowing they may pay the ulimate price? What he did goes beyond borders and doctrines. It was inside his heart. Inside the heart of those that go. Once again you the People of Afghanistan may not like our Government, but our men and women over there are there to help you. Help you to rebuild. Help you to educate. Help get you back on your feet.

So where are you at? I see on the news almost weekly of car bombings, suicide bombers and more oppression. Our “guys” clear out the bad guys and you let them take it back over again when we leave. There are a few glimmers of hope coming from your Country but still mostly turmoil none the less and it saddens me. I am sure it saddens all of the families and friends of the ones that paid it all and the ones that are still there. I just looked online today and there are still travel warnings to your country. It read’s “travel not advised due to the serious risk of suicide bombings, kidnapping and general lawlessness”. Where is the hope he help give you? When can I say that it made a difference. Has it changed you at all?It changed us…

I am not expecting for your Country to be a clone of the western countries that are there helping you. You are your own people. But “You” deserve freedom. Freedom to be able to go to the market without the fear of someone beside you blowing themself up in the name of religion. You should be able to go freely to shop and visit without the fear of a car exploding. You should be able to worship or even choose not to worship without the fear of being punished or murdered. You should have good  schools, clean drinking water, electricity and the basic human needs and rights everyone one of us on this small blue planet deserve. Our men and women are there to give you the opportunity to have those freedoms. Will you accept those freedoms? Will you rise up yourself and take back what someone tried to take from you? Our men and women are not the Oppressors. They are the Defenders of the truth…They are your Defenders.

To the People of Afghanistan I ask you this. Our Country and the Coalition has given you the opportunity to make a change. To be no more the bullied by a select group or belief but to be free yourself and not live in fear and oppresion.

My Nephew Lil David came from three generations of Gee’s that said “I will” so “send me”.  They all took the risk. We are proud of them all. We are proud of everyone that has been “on the wall”. We are proud of the work they are doing in Afghanistan and other parts of the world.

To the People of Afghanistan, it’s now up to you. Lil David left behind a lot of family and friends and we are all very proud of him. His was proud of what he did for you. Now it’s your turn to make us all proud…


With love and honor for Lil David,

chuck gee

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