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July 29th, 2013 is our next Black Diamond Studios Bike Night. Last year in response to the motorcycle community’s wanting for a bike night in Henderson, we answered the call. Since we are a family friendly studio & our customers bring their children here with them, this is an alcohol free event & many of you commented to us that you liked that about our bike nights so you are comfortable to bring your children or that there was a bike night that you could come to because you had alcohol problems in the past and no longer wish to be around alcohol. We hire in a D.J. , prepare food, have to get additional permits for each bike night, and my crew spends countless man hours talking to local small businesses & picking up door prizes & gift certificates from them. We do all of this out of our love for the motorcycle community & to help other area small businesses that you may or may not have heard of to grow. With all of this being said, it is with a heavy heart that I have to say that our July 29th bike night may be our last. We started out doing our bike nights last year doing them every 2 weeks to test the waters to see how much participation we would have with the intent of things really kicking off & switching to every week this year. Our first 3 bike nights were great, as each week drew more bikes. During that time we had a request for games, so we added 2 sets of corn hole boards. On the 3rd week, someone mentioned a bike show. As we started preparations for bike shows, the crowds started to drop off, even though we got more & more prizes to give away. Sadly it got to the point that we had to fall back to once a month this year instead of stepping up to weekly like we had hoped to. This past Monday was our 2nd bike night for 2013. We had 12 bikes & were getting really disheartened before the first bike finally showed. All together, we have taken over $3,000.00 in losses. If our next bike night doesn’t show significant improvement & grow enough to break even, I am sorry, but we will have to discontinue this event.

— with Jared Hines and 3 others at Black Diamond Studios.