” Dave’s TV” 31 + minute update of the 80’s from DLR!

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roth36David Lee Roth. Always entertaining! Loved his videos. More eye candy then Playboy or Hustler at the time and damn good music too!Here’s to 80’s…If I only had Stewie’s time machine. Clearly Dave’s technique was influenced by Vaudeville, burlesque and the great dancers from the 50’s. I mean who else but Dave could take a warm sunny surf song from the Beach Boys and turn it into every 15 year old males (and some females) wet dream? Dave did ask the all important question though about a couple of the hot chicks in his videos. He wondered what do 2  former hotties that are now fifty plus year old lesbians do for fun these days. Do they feed Feral cats? LMAO..Enjoy the videos!

FORRGett abbouttt ittt..



“On a personal note, I feel fairly confident these are some of the best times of my life. Looking back now, even I envy me.”