“The Walking Dead” Feb 9th! Trailers here

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Oh MAN I can’t, I can’t wait! I really can’t wait!! I rarely, if ever follow any show. I haven’t since STAR TREK TNG…I just never get into anything.Oh, I may catch something occasional on TV but I don’t set the timer in my soul to be in front of the TV for some program like most people. There is nothing wrong with doing it, just not in me “know what I mean Vern”?…Breaking Bad? Nope… CSI? Nope… Blue Collar Comedy Tour? Nope. NIN? Nope. <–Only musicians will probably get that reference. lol Anyway I am hooked on “The Walking Dead” and have followed it from show one. Granted last season had several “slow” story lines but all in all it rocked! Especially with the Governor getting taken out! I really hated Hershel having to go too but if it was happening in the real world, at his age and with a missing leg he would have probably been zombie poop early on anyway.

So February 9th it’s show time! Where you gonna be????

Check out the mid season trailers below!