Tales from the “Choping Block” Deathisode 3 ” Brown Eye to the Sky”

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Incredible artist by night. Locked away lonely butcher by day. He sees life from the other side of the glass. His “Tales from the Chop” are real. His outlook is slightly twisted. A part time Bouncer amongst the rows of dry goods when he is not cutting up the day’s morsels. His humor moves at the brush stroke of madness..He is for all practical purposes, a poetic Sweeney John. Hack on!


Deathisode 3.


aaedganOkay.. So, today at work it was reported that there was a bum laying half naked out by the dumpster.
Oh yeah… You know I just had to see this.
When I walked out, I saw him laying there in all his glory.
Dead asleep (drink induced) pants around his ankles, brown eye to the sky…. His pale and pasty skin shining in the sunlight.
Another bum that was on the scene said that he had been there drinking with yet another bum.
Apparently, when Van Winkle went to teepy town his drinking partner robbed him of his bottle and whatever possessions he had. (Probably a week’s worth of aluminum cans)
I didn’t have the nerve to ask why his pants were down.
Somewhere a dog barked.

Double Cola Quote of the Week.