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Alternative rockers Tantric will release a compilation of new, unreleased,
and acoustic material under the title of “Blue Room Archives” on September
30 through Pavement Entertainment.
This new release will follow up 2013’s highly successful 5th studio album
“37 Channels”, and includes acoustic versions of the classic Tantric hits
“Breakdown” and “Mourning”, as well as, the brand new single “Cynical”. A
streaming version of the new single can be heard here: http://goo.gl/uTrTI5
The title for the album comes from Tantric’s home studio “The Blue Room”
where much production work and song writing have taken place over the
band’s extensive career.
Lead vocalist and frontman* Hugo Ferreira *comments: ” This isn’t so much
a premeditated album, but a collection of music I have done that I always
loved extremely but never found a place for.  It’s songs in their purest
form, no flashy production or elaborate theme. Imagine it as a mix tape of
songs I wrote or co-wrote that stand alone uniquely. A inside view of the
other side of a tantric state of mind.”
*Please post as a news item. Hugo is also available for interviews!*
  “Blue Room Archives” track listing:
  1. Cynical
2. Breakdown (Acoustic)
3. Abuse Me
4. Don’t Let It Win
5. Fall To The Ground (Remix)
6. Mind Control (Remix)
7. Mourning (Acoustic)
8. Nothing At All
9. Mourning After
10. Indiscretion
11. Flip A Coin