*Former Stuck Mojo frontman BONZ to release new album Febuary 2015*

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10628101_642067352558383_3011547763527326816_n Former Stuck Mojo frontman BONZ has just completed work on the new album
“Broken Silence”. In the early and mid 90’s Stuck Mojo broke new barriers
and trailblazed the Rap Rock genre with their brand of southern rock,
metal, and hip-hop influences. BONZ joined forces with guitarist Curt
Taylor (Primer 55) and picks right up where he left off with the new album
“Broken Silence”.

The album will be released in Febuary 2015 through a unique joint venture
between Eternal Sound Records (Germany)and Pavement Entertainment (USA).
Pavement will release the album in North America and Eternal Sound will
cover the rest of the world.

BONZ “Broken Silence” available February 2015 everywhere!