Triple threat? Does 3 of a kind beat a pair? A pair of boobs that is…, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Ok, as if the media hasn’t made thousands of, if not millions of young girls to older ladies feel ugly and not up to par with the photo shopped airbrushed Hollywood stick figures we are forced to see in the print and internet world…Here is the latest victim of it I would guess.

She says she had it done because she is tired of guys hitting on her. I am not sure she is a celebrity fame seeker or another causality of the “you will never look as good as me” photo shopped hoopla.

So guys and girls…What do you think? Three boobs better than two? I am going with PINK’s song. “Stupid Girl”. jmo…20,000 bucks for a 3rd boob. Not to mention radio Head and the Hollies will probably want royalties for her using their song Creep/The air that I breathe for her YouTube video…Opinions?

Click the photo if you want to go to her Facebook page.

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