Classic Evansville rock “The Phonz” Youtube video, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Wow! Check out what someone has found! Does anyone remember the Phonz? I do. They were blowing up this area back when I first got into the music scene. Evansville used to and I guess is still a hotbed for local talent. Remember Kramer’s lake? The Rock Pit? The Victory and the Dungeon? Funkys? Don’t forget the Ross Theater where I used to play quite a lot! Bands like the X-men, Stop the Car, Pegasus, Silent Partner, Glass Hollow, and ATTAK (my band not as much) were blowing up the scene! So many more that at the moment I am drawing a blank since I have Pegasus’s song the “Night Caller” stuck in my head! Anyone remember that? Anyone got a copy of that? Who had that song called “She’s a lady”? Glass Hollow had a radio song “called” Fire?




Here is a photo taken from Larry’s Facebook page during the time he was in The Phonz!