Glen Campbell’s final studio song :-( video, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

It is really sad what this disease does to someone and their loved ones…I had the pleasure of finally seeing This Iconic person in concert back in 2012.

Here is my review. Glen’s final video is at the bottom of this article.



glen campbellGlen Campbell…What can you say about him? He is An American Legend. A musician. An Icon. An Actor.  And, a man that is dealing with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

With the public announcement a few months ago that he is suffering from this he decided to embark on his Goodbye tour. You got to hand to it to him. He could stay home and let this debilitating disease slowly rob him and his family like so many others but instead he is taking it out on the road. Therapeutic? Of course it has to be. Plus if I had to guess, it has to be comforting to do what you know what to do in times of duress. His is to play music.

So on June 8th he rolled into Evansville Indiana at the Aiken Center. I have, like a lot of people my age and older grew up on Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Reed just to name a few and all the variety shows that have long gone away and really should be brought back. Back when the whole family could sit around the television and watch the same programs and the parents didn’t have to worry about what was seen or heard.

Back to the Concert, first off. I only found out about it one day out of the blue by looking up his tour dates and saw where he was making a stop in Evansville. I usually am a radio scanner, meaning if I don’t like the song on the radio I hit the scan button and Read more…