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The Devil & Daniel Mouse, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

I read somewhere that this cartoon was aired in the time slot right before it BUT since I did not get to watch KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park when it was first broadcast, I cannot verify that this is true or not. Regardless, here’s some mindless entertainment for you.

Part One


Part Two


Part Three


And if you’re really interested…

The making of… Part One


The making of… Part Two



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Posted by Allen D. Tate - March 14, 2010 at 10:25 AM

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Carlos Santana Talks of Cover Album, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Carlos SantanaAlong with the ten year anniversary of the release of the smash album Supernatural, Carlos Santana talks of doing a cover album featuring songs from the Beatles, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival & Deep Purple.

Read the Billboard story here.

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Posted by Allen D. Tate - February 28, 2010 at 8:04 AM

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The Final Countdown – A Different Perspective, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

I thought this was truly entertaining. I think you have to have at least some sort of talent to pull this off. 🙂


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Posted by Allen D. Tate - February 20, 2010 at 4:34 PM

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School Science Project Causes Evacuation, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

SAN DIEGO — Students were evacuated from Millennial Tech Magnet Middle School in the Chollas View neighborhood Friday afternoon after an 11-year-old student brought a personal science project that he had been making at home to school, authorities said.

Maurice Luque, spokesman for the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, said the student had been making the device in his home garage. A vice principal saw the student showing it to other students at school about 11:40 a.m. Friday and was concerned that it might be harmful, and San Diego police were notified.

The school, which has about 440 students in grades 6 to 8 and emphasizes technology skills, was initially put on lockdown while authorities responded.

Read the rest of the article.

Some comments from me:

Both the student and his parents were “very cooperative” with authorities, Luque said. He said fire officials also went to the student’s home and checked the garage to make sure items there were neither harmful nor explosive.

What? Searched the student’s home? Surely they got a search warrant? Probably not. I’d guess that there was an implied threat of punishment from school officials if the student’s parents didn’t cooperate.

“There was nothing hazardous at the house,” Luque said.

Even if there were, the house is not the school so it’s irrelevant.

The student will not be prosecuted, but authorities were recommending that he and his parents get counseling, the spokesman said. The student violated school policies, but there was no criminal intent, Luque said.

Why should the student need counseling? Sounds to me like the school doesn’t really want the students to think for themselves. Isn’t this a TECHNICAL SCHOOL?

“There will be no (criminal) charges whatsoever,” Luque said.

There should be criminal charges filed against the school officials for being dumb asses.

Police and fire officials also will not seek to recover costs associated with responding to the incident, the spokesman said.

And if they do seek cost recovery, they should seek it from the school, not the student.

Luque said both the student and his parents were extremely upset.

No shit? Good thing that didn’t happen to my kid. Extremely upset would have been an understatement!

“He was very shaken by the whole situation, as were his parents,” Luque said.

Well yeah. This is a technical school. He did a technical project and it invoked an unneccessary reaction from an unintellegent school official. This guy needs to be fired ASAP.

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Posted by Allen D. Tate - January 17, 2010 at 9:33 AM

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Conan Rejects NBC Move, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Conan O’Brien has refused to play along with NBC’s plan to move “The Tonight Show” and return Jay Leno to late-night, abruptly derailing the network’s effort to resolve its scheduling mess.

O’Brien said in a statement Tuesday that shifting “Tonight” will “seriously damage what I consider to be the greatest franchise in the history of broadcasting,” and he expressed disappointment that NBC had given him less than a year to establish himself as host at 11:35 p.m. EST.

Read the entire article here.

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Posted by Allen D. Tate - January 13, 2010 at 1:00 AM

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Lynda Carter Musical Number, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

From a show in 1980, here’s a medley of Lynda performing Rock & Roll Fantasy (Bad Company), Proud Mary (Tina Turner), I Was Made For Loving You (KISS), & Friends (Bette Midler). I have not comment on this other than that it made me chuckle. Enjoy.


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Posted by Allen D. Tate - January 5, 2010 at 9:09 AM

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Julian Lennon on his father, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

This saddens me a great deal. I couldn’t imagine having two great sons and only giving one any real attention.


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Posted by Allen D. Tate - September 29, 2009 at 2:21 PM

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Concert Review – Puddle Of Mudd & Co., pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

On August 19th, Puddle Of Mudd rolled into town to play in the Woody’s parking lot with special guest Silverstone. Other acts on the bill included Kaptain Crunch & The Cereal Killers, Paradigum & Calling Corners.

The weather forecast called for scattered showers and thunderstorms so I was really expecting this event to get rained out half way through but mother nature decided to play nice. There was a nice breeze flowing through the area and it ended up being the perfect night for an outdoor show.

Kaptain Crunch & The Cereal Killers is a band of teens based out of Princeton, Indiana. Don’t let the fact that they are teens fool you, they’re very talented. The three young men and one young lady all share lead vocals giving this band an added boost. With the exception of their final song they only did cover tunes. It was interesting to see them pull off covers of songs almost as old as me. Overall these guys (and gal) did a great job, my only complaint is that I never heard the keyboard. It seemed to me that almost every band (especially the local bands) had some sound issues. Anyway, if you get the chance to check out this band, take it. I hope when you see them they get to play more than just one of their originals!

Paradigum was the second band of the night and it was a pleasant surprise for me. I didn’t even realize they were on the bill until the morning of the show. I’ve been wanting to check them out for some time but had yet to find the opportunity. They didn’t disappoint me either. Bulldog, their lead singer, started things off with a parental advisory disclaimer “I say fuck a lot.” and gave the crowd a good laugh. Great way to get the show started. These guys are a kick ass band who delivered a solid performance and are definitely on my “must see again” list. Going back to sound issues, my biggest complaint was that the sound “engineers” had the vocals and the drums way louder than the other instruments so guitar solos and such were buried. Otherwise, another great band in a full night of great bands.

Calling Corners was up next and they too delivered a solid performance. This was my third time seeing them and the second time as an opener for a national act. Besides the fact that they deliver some killer tunes, I like that they don’t just stand there and stare at their shoes. Larry is not afraid to move around the stage and engage the crowd. These guys are a high energy band that are well worth the price of admission and if they keep pushing forward, there’s a good chance you’ll see them break out of the Evansville scene and gain some musical notoriety. I am certainly doing what I can to help them along. Once again, there was an issue with sound while they were on stage. The guitars, drums & lead vocals sounded pretty good but the sound guys apparently didn’t think that the backing vocals were important but, for songs like Punchline, the backing vocals were essential.

Silverstone hails from Fayetteville, Arkansas. Up until the day of the show, I’d not heard of them but I’m glad I caught them because I enjoyed what I heard. The only complaint I had with their time on stage once again fell back to the sound. For the majority of their set the keyboards were either inaudible or only barely audible. It would be nice to see Woody’s get them back into Evansville as the headliner so they can have more time on stage and play more of their stuff.

Puddle Of Mudd was the show’s headliner and the reason most folks came out but I must admit that I was there to support my friends in the local music scene. Having said that, POM put on a pretty decent show. I am not familiar with their music and I only recognized 3 of their songs, 4 if you count the cover of AC/DC’s TNT. I enjoyed when they blended War Pigs into the middle of Control. One thing that stood out to me as kind of lame was right before the encore. While the crowd was standing around waiting for them to come out and finish their set, you could hear fake crowd noise running through the sound system. Overall, they were enjoyable and there were no noticable sound issues with any of their instruments.

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Posted by Allen D. Tate - August 31, 2009 at 7:25 AM

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What really killed Mozart?, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

I found this sort of interesting.

“Our findings suggest that Mozart fell victim to an epidemic of strep throat infection that was contracted by many Viennese people in Mozart’s month of death, and that Mozart was one of several persons in that epidemic that developed a deadly kidney complication,” researcher Richard Zegers, of the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, told Reuters Health.

Read the entire article.

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Posted by Allen D. Tate - August 18, 2009 at 10:01 AM

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Free Drum Clinic At The Musician’s Den, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Gretsch, Evans, and Zildjian.  Are presenting a drum clinic on August 22 at 1:00pm.  David Northrup is the drummer for Travis Tritt’s band and a Nashville Session and Touring Artist who has played with a variety of Artists over the years.  Check out He will be hosting the clinic with his unique insight on drumming technique.

This clinic is free for all, and don’t miss this opportunity to pick up some new tips tricks and techniques. Visit for more information.

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Posted by Allen D. Tate - August 7, 2009 at 11:09 AM

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