Hats off to Lemmy!

Posted onAugust 5, 2013
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If you love  rock and roll and don’t know who Lemmy is…You really should take down your boy band posters and get a good dose of healthy “Motor Head” to get your head out of your butt.


As real rock fans know, Lemmy, The Grandfather of Rock has had a bout of serious health issues here lately but he had the metal balls and guts to go out and give it a go anyway! Here is a YouTube video of his band doing 30 minutes of a 75 minute set. 85,000 screaming people and over 100 degrees on stage… Granted he only did 6 songs but most of you “One Direction” boy band suckers will never be able to pull off something like this…Here’s to you getting better LEMMY!



Compressorhead. One cool bad ass Robot Band

Posted onJanuary 7, 2013
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Compressorhead. This is a full on robotic band and here they are covering Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades”. The only thing missing is a screaming vocalist robot but the rest of the band is there. This is pretty cool and I can see bands like this showing up in bars and lounges in a few not to far distant future. Hell, it will probably give live bands and Dj’s a run for their money.



And here they are covering some Pantera!