Geoff Tate’s “Why I hate “Frequency Unknown” contest winner

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I haven’t posted anything in a couple of weeks, get over you even notice? I was on vacation.



But here is the winner of the “Why I hate “Frequency Unknown” album. Geoff Tate has taken a beating in the public here lately and most of it deserved. For example, tossing the fan’s cell phone into the crowd. That was a dickish move but this contest was very clever and funny…It takes a lot of balls and you have to be thick skinned to allow someone to rail you in public as a contest.

So here is the winner….

But be sure and watch the second video of Geoff’s reviewing the videos. That is priceless!


Geoff Tates Queensryche acoustically

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This is pretty good. Performing “eyes of a stranger” and “Silent Lucidity”.


Geoff Tate “Queensryche Album recalled?

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Hot Flashes

Posted on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at 14:24:15 EST

Deadline Music/Cleopatra Records are offering new and improved mixes of the Geoff Tate-fronted version of QUEENSRŸCHE’s new album, Frequency Unknown.

Customers who purchased the original mix version and are dissatisfied with the audio can e-mail the label a scan of your actual receipt for the physical CD to and they will send you a replacement disc at no charge. No questions asked.


Queensrÿche with Geoff Tate @ Club Nokia, Los Angeles, CA 4/20/2013

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Here is the entire concert…I am a big fan of Queensryche but I gotta say maybe they need to drop the tuning and the one guitar player needs to practice his parts…Sounds fine for a bar/club band but not a world class  touring band. Maybe he didn’t have enough time to get it all together but there are many dropped notes and bad phrasing. But much props, I have to work tomorrow and he is living the dream.


Geoff Tate QUEENSRŸCHE “Cold”

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Geoff Tate’s Queensryche album art..hmmmmmmmmm

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His version of Queensryche with an all star line up including Rudy Sarzo, Simon Wright and several guest musicians is called “Frequency Unknown”. However, it’s just my opinion but I think this album art contains a subliminal message to his old band mates. See if you can see it too…



Queensryche’s Michael Wilton details the band’s demiss here

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As taken from Blabbermouth.

QUEENSRŸCHE members Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield and Parker Lundgren announced on June 20 that they were parting ways with singer Geoff Tate and recruiting powerhouse vocalist Todd La Torre of CRIMSON GLORY as his replacement. The new QUEENSRŸCHE lineup has already performed live, having played two shows in their home city of Seattle under the name RISING WEST.

In a recent interview with, Tate revealed that he filed a lawsuit against his former bandmates on June 12 in King County Superior Court in the state of Washington in order to “sort out who is what, and who owns what, and that stuff.” Tate is also attempting to get a court injunction against Wilton, Jackson and Rockenfield that would prevent them from Read the rest of this entry »