Gene Simmons said …”Rock is Dead”

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He recently did an interview with Nick Simmons for Esquire magazine… Gene’s advice for future rock stars is to “not quit your day job”.  I actually think he is right about this one. The Rock music business is in shambles. Comments welcome and expected from fellow musicians :). chuck untitled Here’s an excerpt.

“Don’t quit your day job is a good piece of advice,” Gene began. “When I was coming up, it was not an insurmountable mountain. Once you had a record company on your side, they would fund you, and that also meant when you toured they would give you tour support. There was an entire industry to help the next BEATLES, [THE ROLLING] STONES, Prince, [Jimi] Hendrix, to prop them up and support them every step of the way. There are still record companies, and it does apply to pop, rap, and country to an extent. But for performers who are also songwriters — the creators — for rock music, for soul, for the blues — it’s finally dead.

“Rock is finally dead.


121212 concert featuring “The Rolling Stones”

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How many other acts are going to be able to brag that they have been viable for 50 years? Very few. Of Course these guys are old but they have kicked out many staple songs over the years….

“Doom and Gloom” new Rolling Stones!

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These guys are the original rock and roll rock stars dinosaurs. Love them or hate them they are still kicking it long after the “flavored fruit of the month” has passed through your radio since 1962. These lyrics are pretty deep too. Enjoy!

“Lost all that treasure in an overseas war
It just goes to show you don’t get what you paid for
Bowing to the rich and worrying about the poor
Put my feet up on the couch and lock all the doors
Hear a funky noise ”
That’s the tightening of the screws

“Fracking deep for oil but there’s nothing in the sump
There’s kids all picking at the garbage dump
I am running out of water so I better prime the pump
I am trying to stay sober but I end up drunk”

We’ll be eating dirt
Living on the side of the road
There’s some food for thought
Kind of makes your head explode
Feeling kind of hurt