Dave Rogers of the world famous Dave’s Guitar Shop

Posted onDecember 12, 2012
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 interview by David Lee of the band Crimson Fool


Dave Rogers had little more than a handful of guitars and a dream when he opened the now world famous “Dave’s Guitar Shop,” located in the little known music mecca of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Dave Rogers is living proof that with hard work, sacrifice and networking (and this is before the days of the internet and the world wide web, mind you) anything can be achieved. I have known Dave for over 25 years and as a punk kid, I was a regular in his store. I bought my first bass from him, and had to make sure I had a “Dave’s Guitar Shop” T Shirt (because no real musician would be without one! I mean, they are just waaaay cool.) I now sit in Dave Rogers office, that is actually bigger than his entire first store, to find out more about Dave, his beginnings, the ingenuity that got him to where he is today and hear some stories about rock and roll.

Dave, you have said what interested you in music and guitars was your older brother who played in bands when you about 12 years old. At what age were you when you first started playing guitar?
I was born and raised in Marshfield Wisconsin and that is where my brother’s band was based. My brother had a great record collection that he shared with me and both he and my Mom helped me get a guitar to get started, even though money was very tight at our household. As I remember it my first guitar came from Woolworths and we got it for $10 as it was missing Read the rest of this entry »