Time Out Lounge Loses Liquor License

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According to a report I saw on News 25 this morning, the Executive Inn’s Timeout Lounge in Evansville has lost its liquor license due to late property and innkeeper taxes. Until all back taxes are paid, the lounge will remain closed and will likely have a negative effect on events that have already been booked at the Executive Inn. Since the liquor license has been revoked, no alcohol can be served at any event on the property. For the sake of the downtown community, I sincerely hope they get this issue resolved quickly. Downtown Evansville already has enough problems as it is.

Should the Time Out Lounge reopen soon, I really hope they rethink their “hiring a band” policy. It seems that instead of a band sending them a demo CD and a promo package, they are requiring any band that wants to get a regular gig to come in on a Tuesday night and play for free under the guise of it being an audition. If you read the forum posts, you’ll see that plenty of people called them out, and some call outs were very blunt. Personally, I would not go through the trouble of hauling my gear to any venue and play a live gig where they’re selling booze and getting paid while I’m supposedly auditioning.