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You recently wrote and released a song called “American Idol” that basically calls the show out for discriminating against people over the age of 29. Did you audition for the show and get rejected? If not, what was your inspiration for the song?

I have never auditioned for the show. I never would. My inspiration for the song was all these well intentioned folks who saw me playing at a gig, would walk up to me and recommend that I audition for the show. I would always answer “American Idol discriminates against people of age”.

How do you feel about the age cut off knowing the judges are well over 29 and knowing there is so much more older talent out there that is not allowed to participate? Do you think we should have an AI for all ages?

When I found out that they don’t allow anyone over 29 to compete, It just struck me how wrong that was and it also struck me that so much of America either wasn’t aware of it, or turned a blind eye to it.

I think the show should let anyone compete. The other reason I wrote the song is that I know some really great vocalists who are over 29 who would simply mop up the competition if given the chance. They should get that chance.

You came up with a concept video for the song. Can you tell us a little about it?

I thought it would be funny if we used clips from the show and made it look like I was auditioning. So we did just that. I greet the judges and play the song. We intercut clips of the judges reacting to me and at the end they tell me how awful I was. Then I act like one of those delusional contestants who can’t take the criticism. It’s pretty funny and I’m sorry that people can’t see it now.

Your video was only on YouTube for a few days before you received a takedown notice. Can you tell us what kind of notification, if any, you received before they removed your video?

We got an email notice saying that the video had been removed at the request of Fremantle International (the company that owns AI for copyright infringement.

How has it affected your career? Is it better or worse? Has the media picked up on the story yet?

It was great for the song to get that kind of attention for those brief few days, but who knows what it might have snowballed into if they hadn’t taken it down. Of course that is what Fremantle was afraid of. That it might snowball, that the media might pick up on it, and that it might start a public conversation about age discrimination.

A.I. is part of what’s wrong with our current music industry in that it worships youth culture. They really do think that the American Public cares how old you are vs how good you are.

Oh,…and the media has started to pick up on it, thanks to you. LOL

What course of action to you plan to take to “fight back” and assert your rights?

We are going to try releasing a video that doesn’t use any of their media.

Is there anything you’d like to say about this ordeal that I didn’t bring up?

It’s a real bummer that they couldn’t take a joke and took the video down. But I can’t think of anyone I would rather be banned by that American Idol.

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