Ok, Here’s my Two cents for Yngwie Malmsteem

Posted on January 23, 2009
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dioyngwie_yngwie1I just saw photos of you taken at the recent NAMM show in California. Ok, big deal, you can play effortlessly and with out any feelings at a  million miles an hour. In fact, you have gotten alot of mileage out of that one scale run you play over and over. I will add here in case Keith Alvey wants to try and ring my bell about this guitar player and go ahead and go on record and say it. “I, Chuck Gee, will never be able to play that fast or aticulate as well as Yngwie”. But here is my rant. For God’s sake Yngwie, button the damn shirt up already. None of us are in our twenties anymore and yes we all have put on some weight. But you are starting to look like Elvis Presley right before he died. You have the lamb chop sideburns and a large gut jutting out of your unbuttoned shirt. Keep playing for your fans at a million miles an hour and just button the shirt up. You won’t look like a parody of yourself anymore …

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