Nikki Sixx – You’re A Douche

On February 2, 2009, at a concert in San Diego, CA, Nikki Sixx pulled his usual “pitch his bottle of water to the crowd” routine while he was talking to the crowd. Seconds after he pitched the bottle, someone pitched it right back on stage. Nikki unleashed a verbal assault on the girl who threw it back. Check it out:


Why is it OK for him to throw the bottle out there but when someone returns the favor, he turns in to a cry baby? Judging by the way he was holding out his bass, it looked to me like he was wanting a roadie to grab it so he could jump out into the crowd. Maybe not, but that was my perception. Anyway, Nikki Sixx, now I think you’re a douche. Way to treat your fans. You’ve put a huge stain on the image of one of my all time favorite bands. You should have just stuck with playing your bass and collecting your ticket sales.


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    He WAS my favorite, now I am not as hyped about seeing them this Saturday, what a BUZZ KILL!!!!

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    Not that this makes it any better but he finally, 15 days after the incident, offered an apology on his myspace page to the girl he insulted. Let us know if he throws another bottle of water into the audience, will ya? 🙂

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    WOW!!! He was a little out of line…ok a lot out of line. But the that is what you are there for. To get that bottle and take it home, or to the back if you are hot or lucky and get it singed, or just let it sit at the house. Then tell everyone that will here you that you got the bottle Nikki Sixx threw out, not throw it back at him. And I’m not giving Nikki a reason to be a douche, but the lady that threw it back wasn’t that smart either if she thought she that Nikki was going to let go. Hell it looked like she was trying to hit him. At least he didn’t put a Axl Rose and jump in the crowd, and call off the rest of the show. But I do agree that he was looking for someone to take his bass. And if they did, no telling what Nikki would have done!

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    Personally, I go to a concert to see the show, not to catch a bottle of water the musician threw into the audience. If he’d have thrown that bottle and it hit me, you can bet your ass I would have thrown it back at him, and yes, I’d have tried to hit him too.

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    @Allen Tate
    yea I’m tha way now but when I was 20 it was cool, and some die hard Crew fans are odd like that. And he thrown it up like a lob pitch or pass. If it you a with out you know your a little too drunk drive.:)

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    Went to the concert in Nashville,Nikki didnt throw any bottles,However the Crue*****AWESOME*****!!!!!They still know how to put on a SHOW,Not quite like the old days but I am not bitchin’.THEY STILL KICKASS!!!!!!!!!Nikki that bottle throwin’— its still BULLSHIT!!!You threw it first.

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    he can still kick your ass chuck dont forget that.kick it real good

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