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On February 2, 2009, at a concert in San Diego, CA, Nikki Sixx pulled his usual “pitch his bottle of water to the crowd” routine while he was talking to the crowd. Seconds after he pitched the bottle, someone pitched it right back on stage. Nikki unleashed a verbal assault on the girl who threw it back. Check it out:


Why is it OK for him to throw the bottle out there but when someone returns the favor, he turns in to a cry baby? Judging by the way he was holding out his bass, it looked to me like he was wanting a roadie to grab it so he could jump out into the crowd. Maybe not, but that was my perception. Anyway, Nikki Sixx, now I think you’re a douche. Way to treat your fans. You’ve put a huge stain on the image of one of my all time favorite bands. You should have just stuck with playing your bass and collecting your ticket sales.