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STRYPER singer Michael Sweet‘s wife Kyle Rae Sweet passed away on March 5, 2009 after a two-year battle with ovarian cancer. She was only 52 years old.

Michael and Kyle met when she was hired to do makeup for STRYPER‘s first video, “You Know What To Do”. They married in 1986 and had two children — Michael Jr. and Ellena — who are now 22 and 18 years old, respectively.

In message posted on his web site a few days before Kyle‘s death, Michael wrote about his wife, “Kyle was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in February of 2007. Standing by her side and seeing her physically and emotionally face this horrible disease, I’ve realized that not only is she the love of my life, she is an angel and the most inspirational person I’ve ever known.

“I’ve stood faithful and hopeful in prayer through this battle, yet to see my love suffer and endure the pain and discomfort that she has over the past two years breaks my heart into a million pieces. No one deserves this, especially Kyle.

“You see, she is the backbone of our family, a pillar of strength, and as unselfish as one can be. She doesn’t want any credit for anything she does but truth be known — she deserves all credit. She is the perfect wife, mother and such a blessing to everyone she meets. I constantly wrestle with the reality of this monster that invades her body and I can tell you that it’s been a tremendous struggle to see my wife so sick. I have felt so helpless and at times completely hopeless, but I know I must be strong for my family and be that pillar of strength too, as she’s been throughout our marriage of almost 23 years.

“Throughout I have seen Kyle‘s heart, strength and determination in ways that I’ve never seen before. She’s never complained and always brought joy to those caring for her and those around her. Surgery after surgery, treatment after treatment and feeling so sick for the past two years, she’s been an encouragement and an example of faith to everyone.

“I love you my dear and there is no way for me to repay you for what you have given to me. I hold you within my heart for now and forevermore.”