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Newburgh’s Tin Fish is in downtown Newburgh in the same area as the Newburgh market. It’s a walk in, order, pay and find a spot to sit type of place. They bring out your food. The food is really good and they have a full bar. What more do you need? The staff is nice and easy on the eyes as well.

I spent 21 bucks and got 4 food items in one. That’s what you’d be spending on just one of the food items. The staff came to the table frequently and asked if we were doing alright, which was nice. My friend got a beer and an extra sandwich after he’d already got his original order (it was the first thing he’d eaten all day) and he didn’t spend much more than me. (They also have waffle fries, which is a big plus.)

The Tin Fish is good eats. I give it 4 out 5 cleaned plates. (I could have use more shrimp, but then again I did get a combo platter.)