A High School Tradition Continues :P

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You know, it’s been awhile but it has finally happened. It happened tonight while I was at the EZ Shop on 41 getting ready to go into the store and get a bottled water while talking to my wife Denise on the cell. You know, the type of bottled water that the TV commerical states “Two hours in the meeting, forever in the landfill”. Well, they forgot to add the 1 day it will stay in my trash can before it gets picked up by the garbage men. ;P … Anyway back to the story. I heard a continuous car horn blaring at the stoplight. It sounded like a car accident getting ready to happen or trying not to happen. So everyone in the parking lot at the EZ Shop turned and looked toward the stoplight and there was a car turning sharply heading south onto 41. The horn was still blaring!! And then I saw what all the commotion was about. There in the passenger side front seat window was a large naked ass!!! We all had been mooned!!!

Man that brought memories of when we used to get out of high school and my friend David Lutz would ride in the passenger seat of my 1976 Buick Century and moon people!!! We used to do it all the time!!! What great memories those are. We would do the same thing. Blow the horn, have people look and then David would jump up with his bare naked ass and moon them!!!

In today’s world were we have Xboxes, instant communication and super fast lives, it’s good to know that some kids can still have fun the old fashion way and ride around with their ass hanging out of a car window!!! No harm, no foul. Just a tradition that lives on!!! And if by chance those young people that did that happen to read this … You keep up the good fight and never trust anyone over 30.

peace out
chuck gee