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  1. I wonder what kind of bonus the CEO will get for saving the corporation some money…

  2. 666 souls in hell clear channel is fucking all that is evil about copperate radio their why gbf sucks now and nickleback and all that other shit is on top .

  3. GBF is owned by Regent Communications, not Clear Channel.

  4. The biz is not good right now.

    Joe Blair hit the nail on the head in his 10 Questions interview.

    The sad thing is that the people “running” the EVV stations tend to act like this is a big market…business wise. And the reality is that it is a mixture of “home town pride” and modern economy. Instead of focusing on making all outlets of the company valuable assets, they feed from one and neglect the others. The reason why WIKY is #1? Tradition, then the talent/programming. It is a dynasty. They have created that relation with the LOCAL market. HOT96 used to be on it’s way, when it was based out of Owensboro, then the focus became $$$ driven. Now, where does it stand without a cash cow? Anyway…my soapbox is huge.

    There are wonderful people working in the EVV market and the majority of them do not wear ties. An engine does not run on ga$ alone. Everyone plays their part. That is not an anti “the man” statement. That is just a fact. It would do some a favor to move out from behind a desk and get out and talk, listen to the listeners and understand your environment.

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