This is Supposed to be the “Land of the Free” not the “Land where everything is Free”.

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First off, I don’t owe anyone a damn thing. Second off, I know several people and I have friends that know people too that take everything the Government will give them for “free” even when they don’t need it. They do it because “it’s free”… This gripes my ass…Want money? The Government gives it to them for free. Want food? Here’s a EBT card. Want your car fixed? Here’s a voucher to get it repaired. Want a roof over your head? Sure, why not, here’s housing for you. You want a medical card cause you can call an ambulance for skinned knees and get another check?  Sure, what the hell …  But hear me out ….

Just to set the record straight. I am very thankful that our Government looks out for it’s own people. There are countless American Citizens that are unable to work due to medical conditions, age, being single parents, mental disabilities, in between jobs, etc. I will gladly pay my share of taxes to support these people because they need it and I sure most will agree that they will too. Who knows, one day we may need assistance to due to some unforeseen circumstance like an injury, debilitating disease, loss of a job, etc. What gripes my ass is people that think since its “free” they too are entitled to it even if they don’t need it. If you are unable to work or out of work or have a legit problem, please take the assistance and hold your head up high, it’s there for you. But for the countless other people that can work and choose not to, or the people that manipulate the system to their own benefit even though they clearly are able to support themselves but choose the “free” ride from the Government. You people are to be ashamed.  Need examples? I have plenty.

The first “good” example is my family. My wife and I were a young couple back in the mid 80’s. We had three small kids at the time. We were trying to better ourselves but we needed assistance for  about a year and a half. It was there because we needed it. It wasn’t our “free” ticket. It was our stepping stone to a  better life. We accepted the assistance and worked to get off of it. <——That’s how it is supposed to work. Not make a career out of living off welfare just because you can.  We also needed housing at the time. We moved into the Housing Projects and were quite thankful for it. Once again, it wasn’t gonna be long term. We were determined to get own our feet. The assistance helped us out. It helped put food on the table and a roof over our heads while we worked toward making a better life for ourselves. I remember when we finally took that big step of faith and were moving out to a house that rented for $400.00 a month. That was a lot of money back then. I went to the Housing Authority to tell them we would be moving out. At that time our H.A. rent was $19.00 a month. A huge difference but see, we got it. Use the assistance to get back on your feet. I remember telling the lady at the H.A. the rent difference. She told me she would hold our apartment for us because we would be back in a month. I remember telling her we weren’t coming back. We were getting on our feet but appreciated the help. And with that, we moved out and moved on.

That’s how the system is supposed to work. Granted we should of not had kids before we were financially able to support them but we did. The system helped us out and then we got out of it. We no longer needed it. We let someone else that needed it use it. That is how it is supposed to work. It may take 1 year, 2 years, or 10 years but the game plan is if you able to work to get out of the system, please do it. Don’t take the easy free ride for your entire life. Once again, before someone slams me, if you are disabled, or out of work, unable to work, can’t find a paying job or having trouble making ends meet for now, by all means get help. It’s there for you. And here is my second example, a bad one … what gripes my ass is the people that are second, third or fourth generation welfare recipients because that is the only life they know or have been taught. They have been taught that the Government will take care of you and all your needs so why make an effort? The people like that who are more than able to work but only work the system so they don’ t have to work should not be allowed to waste taxpayers money and suck the system dry. We all know people like this … Agree? Damn right you agree … There are people in every city and every town in the United States that are taking the easy road and living freely off the Government and really stealing money from our pockets. They can work and choose not to, or lie about their situations in order to get assistance. It’s not everyone doing it but it’s a lot … I would safely bet over 50% of the people on it abuse it and it’s time we overhauled the system. Case by case. If you need it, make it easy for you to get assistance. If you are found abusing it, or you are a second, third or fourth generation free loader, you are “off” of it today. And drug testing? Don’t even get me started on it. Of course they should be drug tested. Why you may ask? I work and I have to be drugged tested. So it’s only fair that people getting assistance be tested and if found “hot”, kicked off the system. If they can afford drugs, they can afford to work for them and not expect me to buy them with my tax money.

Need another bad example? And this one is typical too … A guy draws disability all year long. He family draws checks cause he can’t work. His wife draws a check to “take” care of her husband. The get $75,000.00  are year from you and me. File taxes and get more money back … And to top of this Happy Sundae son of bitch, he mows yards for cash and does other odd jobs for more cash. Where’s his disability? Apparently it’s in being “honest” like so many other people …

Here’s the complete story we ran a few month’s ago from Snake Eyed Sam who knows this FREELOADER … People like this example should be kicked off immediately and forced to pay it all back. Like I said earlier, these type of people live in every town, city and state in America … And don’t even get me started about the Government giving illegal immigrants assistance too … That’s a whole ‘nother story I could rant about…

So in closing, let’s recap because ultimately someone will misread this and send me hate mail …

1. If you need assistance, the word “need” here is important. Please accept it. I did, I needed it and when I no longer did, I got off of it. You should too and don’t wait until you win the lottery. Take a leap of faith, you might just surprise yourself. We did and haven’t looked back.

2. If you are free loading the system, shame on you and the countless others that do it too and you should get off of it or be kicked off it and made to pay the system back. You take from everyone else that is trying. Don’t blame the economy for your woes either. Pull yourself up, work two jobs if you got to. I have and will again if I need too.

3. Illegal immigrants are illegal from the word “go”. The only assistance they should get is assistance getting back over the Rio Grande or were ever the hell they came from. Want to come to America, do it the right way. Stand in line and do it the legal way and I’ll be glad to shake your hand and welcome you to America … otherwise … stay the hell out.

rant over for now …

chuck gee

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