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As you all know, right before we published our interview with Trish, she was relieved from her duties at WABX. We did a petition (which will remain open) and sent it to the WABX management. We also thought it would be cool to follow up with her and see how things are going.

1) WABX’s Facebook page states that they are still rocking in the bad economy yet you lost your job due to the economy, how has that affected you and your family?

We are fantastic…we live on love. Before, one great gig barely kept this family of 3 afloat, now it’s piles of paper work for government assistance of every kind. It’s funny how a salary that can’t even support a family of 3 can help any company financially.

2) Since we last talked, you’ve had some new doors open, can you fill us in?

Before I could even think about grieving over not being at that job I loved so much, Sandman e-mailed me and the discussions began.

3) If you are back on the radio, where can your friends and fans find you?

That job I never thought I’d have and love…103GBF. I’m on the air Saturdays, 2-7pm and every now and then I will be live on location. Check out the calendar at Mike Sanders. THANK YOU, MAN!! He not only offered me a gig, but actually shows appreciation for the work one does. That’s so new to me.

4) Have you received any feedback from WABX from the petition we sent to them?

None. But I’m sure they have more important things to do with their time.

5) On a lighter note, what song(s) do you actually hate to play and if you never played again, the world world be a happier place? (We couldn’t get other DJ’s to answer this one…)

I don’t know why other DJ’s wouldn’t answer. I guess it depends on which world they DJ for. As far as MY world, there is A song but it’s attached to a situation that still upsets me a bit…I was playing Tom Petty’s “Saving Grace” (requested during a request lunchtime hour) when my PD at the time called, while on vacation, while I was playing the song, to ask that I never play it again. As I started to ask how the vacation was going, the boss hung up on me without a good-bye or a thank you for even answering during a pretty busy request hour.

6) Has anyone besides Lee Ramirez ever called you a MILF?

A what? I always forget what than stands for. In today’s world, it’s considered a compliment, right? (Editor’s note: YES!)

7) Your husband recently had back surgery. We really care about our friends families too so how is he doing?

Lots of pain…different pain, different day. For the most part it’s too soon to really know. Neuro Dr/Surgeon says that it could be a year or more before any changes, if at all.

8) This question is not really a question, it’s called THE LAST WORD. We want you to say what you want to say about this whole ordeal and get in THE LAST WORD. 🙂

Dedication, acceptance, compliance, passion for what you do…they mean nothing to some families. Without such attributes, how happy is a family, anyway? It’s a damn good thing, a grace from God, that I have an incredible family now. 3-4 years ago in the same situation, I would have been devastated having my heart and soul taken in less than 5 minutes without a single word of appreciation or a thank you. That is exactly how I felt about the gig too…my heart and soul. I quit school to be there for a “family” more than a decade ago. I continued to dedicate myself and loved what I was doing. I guess, after all that time (more than 16 years), it didn’t even matter. That is how it feels and thinking about it fills me with overwhelming sadness. Thanks to MY family, those moments don’t last long.

As for the family I haven’t mentioned, including’s Allen and Chuck. The ones pressing the buttons and staying there with me. I can not thank you enough for the wonderful thoughts, the petition signing, the warm reception at 103GBF, the well-wishes!!! If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I could have loved that job as much as I did. You helped me love it and survive the negative things that were going on around me the last few years. For that, I will be forever grateful!!!

God Bless YOU and Rock ON!!!!