Ten Questions With Sherrie – Queen Of Hearts

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1. What inspired you to get into tattooing?

My ex was a piercer at a local shop that is no longer in business. I watched the owner tattoo for around three weeks and asked her if I could try doing a tattoo. She said that it was fine. I did three practice tats and she told me to start charging. She said she had never seen anyone pick up tattooing in such a short amount of time.

2. Is there still a stigma associated with people getting tattoos?

Absolutely! A lot of people think that people with tats are nothing but trouble makers and are on dope. I do not do drugs at all. I am totally against it. I had to watch certain people in my family go down hill or die from using drugs. But yes, there is still a “taboo” about people with tattoos.

3. What kind of formal training do you have? Do have have to be licensed or can anyone do it?

Yes you have to be licensed. You must be in a shop in order to get your license. A lot of people think they can come in and get their license and then quit the shop. Once you quit the shop you are no longer considered licensed. They want to do tats at home to get the full amount of money, but they do not realize that in a lot of areas you can go to jail for that.

4. How safe are tattoo parlors today? Do they have to adhere to strict health guidelines? What should a first timer look for?

Most tattoo parlors are safe, but then again you do have your slacker studios that cut corners to save money. I have received 100% on all my health inspections except one, and that was a 99%. A first time customer should ask to see the sterilized tubes and needles. If they are not in a packaging do not get a tat there. There are indicators on the sterilization pouches that let you know if the equipment has been sterilized correctly. You can also contact your local health department to see what studios may have had reports of staph or any other infections.

5. What’s the strangest flash you’ve ever tattooed on someone?

Not really the flash but the location itself was strange. I tattooed butterfly wings on a female’s labia. That was quite an experience in itself. I would have much rather gone fishing or to the mall rather than earn that money. LOL!!!

6. Have you ever try to talk someone out of a particular tattoo? If so, why?

I always try to talk people out of getting their boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s, husband’s/wife’s names tatted on them. I have done this and in most circumstances they split up. In the tat business we consider that a jinx.

7. Do you do piercings too?

Yes, I do piercings. I actually won a trophy at the Greater Kentucky Expo in 2007 for the most unusual male piercing. I placed 50 rings (surface piercings) in a young man’s stinger.

8. For anyone wanting to get new ink or maybe a piercing, where is your tattoo parlor located?

My studio is located at 1205D South Green Street in Henderson, Kentucky.

9. Do the guys at Kick Acts get free ink for the plug? ;^)

Absolutely! Why not, scratch my back and I scratch yours, not to rough though, I’m delicate lol.

10. OK Sherrie, it’s time for you to answer the question(s) we forgot to ask. What’s on your mind? Shout it out loud!

I love giving people something beautiful that they can take with them when they leave this plateau we call life. It is one thing that friends and family can’t fight or argue on who gets it BECAUSE IT IS YOURS TO KEEP. A lot of people say that I am desecrating my temple (your body is a temple) all I have to say is God gave me this body. I am decorating my temple.

Bonus: Have you ever tattooed a dude’s stinger? If so, does it have to be hard. If it does, how can it stay hard when you are stabbing it with a tattoo gun?

In fact I have tattooed a mans stinger. LOL! He wanted a scorpion put on his junk. start from his pee hole up to his abdomen. When I asked why he wanted this particular tattoo, his reply was ” This way when I get a hard on it looks like I’m coming to sting her.” I just about fell out considering the gentleman was in his early sixties. YOU GO BOY!! Hope most of you guys can still perform when you get up there!!!

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