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A good movie
Let me tell you up front. This is a movie with a very one sided view. It’s a view of, didn’t anyone ask these questions but me? Also it is a documentary about religion, and why and how smart people. Can just place there lives in an invisible man in the sky. for the most part most, if not all people are smart, and question everything (i.e. I don’t see it I don’t believe it, then again I’m not sure about when i see it), but believe in God. Without a shred of fact to back it up, just a thought, a belief of some or something is there. Now with that said and you know where the movie is coming from. Oh and it is a Bill Mahar movie as well. Here I go.

The movie stars out a the vary spot the the bible says the world will end. Bill stands there talkng about how he started in comdy, and some of the first jokes, or poking fun at his religion. Then the history of how, andwhy he is the way he is. Then it jumps to interviews of scientist, religious people of all kind(he even goes to the Vatican). He goes to muslims, jews, and christians. To ask them why and what bases you have for believing the way they do. And it is and vary good movie. Yes it is funny, more so if your in tune with the movie.
Quick fact about when I seen this movie in theaters. When Bill was (for lack of a better term) making fun, or making christians look dumb. The crowd there was laughing up a storm. Hell they laughed even louder when he busted jews. But when Bill busted muslims the entire theater was quiet, well exept me and my friend that went with me. It was like “YEA GET THEM BUMD JEWS AND CHRISTIANS! YEA!!!!” But when Bill got to the muslims they where like, ” oh, ummm… I can’t laugh at that. They mite kill me, or that is not funny when talking about muslims.” But me and my friend where “FUCKING A RIGHT DOG. GET THEM AS WELL!!!!” Ok with that out of the way.
It was a good movie and if ou have a open mind or a lack of believing in what your told to believe. then see this movie. It even has jesus christ him self on there, Ok it is someone that think his is the 2nd coming of jesus christ. Yea, the guy realy does. See, I told you, you should see this movie.