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Hey everybody how’s it going? Writing articles seems to be one of the latest things that gets peoples attention, so hopefully this article will be no different. Have you ever noticed that most things in life change gradually? As we grow older we began to gradually change in our appearance, in our intelligence, and actually just about all aspects of our lives. Most of the time we don’t regconize even the slightest changes because of the slow process. Come on guys, our hair ain’t what it used to be. Come on ladies, there are changes that you can notice as well. Have you noticed if you run across an old friend, and some times you have trouble remembering them because of the drastic change in their appearance, but to them, that was a gradual change. I know that throughout my life I have noticed gradual changes that looking back it has become a dramatic change. For instance I (like many others) have put on some weight, it was a gradual thing that ended up with drastic weight gain. Another thing that I have noticed is that when a gradual change becomes a drastic change, and it is around for a while it becomes the norm and the change becomes accepted no matter how drastic it is. I have noticed this in my walk with Christ, there has been a gradual change in my beliefs, actions and other aspects of my spiritual walk. The gradual change has become drastic change that has become the norm for me, it has also become accepted by me and others. The change I am referring to is for the worse not for the better. The change has been causing problems for me in my Spiritual walk. I’m sure if we all look back in our walk with Christ there has been changes that we have allowed to take place that is not right. This article is not about condemning anyone, it is about the truth.The truth is, is that when you are a child of God there should be some changes, some gradual and some drastic. But all change should be for the better. Are you going to be perfect, no, but you should strive for perfection. We as children of God should lead by example ( good examples that is ) and set a path that others should want to follow. Accepting people for who they are is the truth, not telling them the truth is wrong. We as Christians, Spiritual leaders, Pastors, Youth Pastors, etc. are held up to an accountability. That accountibility is Biblical, and it is serious business. We as Christians must live a life pleasing to God, not man. If we are trying to please man we are fools. Let us step up, drastically change for the better and do what God wants us to do. Until next time, God bless, Deacon