June Song Lyric Contest

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Can you match the lyric with the song? Submit your answers to chuck@kickacts.com . All that submit will go into a drawing for cool prizes at the end of the month. Please include your mailing address when you submit your answers.

1. “She was fast machine, she kept her motor clean, she was the best damn woman that I ever seen”.

a. “Looks That Kill” — Motley Crue
b. ” Kiss Me Deadly” — Lita Ford
c. “You Shook Me All Night Long” — AC/DC

2. “Now listen up, she’s a razor sharp, and if she don’t get her way, she’ll slice you apart”

a. “Gypsy Road” — Cinderella
b. “Metal Health (Bang Your Head)” — Quiet Riot
c. “Looks That Kill” — Motley Crue

3. “I went to a party last Saturday night, I didn’t get laid, I got in a fight”

a. “Kiss Me Deadly” — Lita Ford
b. “I Love Rock And Roll” — Joan Jett
c. “Goodbye To You” — Scandal

4.”An angel’s smile is what you sell, you promised me heaven and put me through hell”

a. “Talk Dirty To Me” — Poison
b. “Feed My Frankenstein” — Alice Cooper
c. “You Give Love A Bad Name” — Bon Jovi

5. “But it’s hard living life on this merry go round, always up, always down”

a. “Goodbye” — Night Ranger
b. “Highway Song” — Blackfoot
c. “It’s Over” — Loverboy