Oz Fox from Stryper “Jumped the Shark?”

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In case you don’t know what “Jump the Shark” means. It’s a term used when a TV show has finally went off course and lost it’s appeal and as Wikipedia says”  the plot veers off into absurd story lines or out-of-the-ordinary characterizations.”  Well it also implies to people too.

Oz Fox is a nice guy. I have met him a couple of times over the years. He doesn’t know me from Adam  though just to clear that up. Anyway, he is getting married. Nothing wrong with that. He was married for about 20 years before and he wife left him for what ever reasons. It happens everyday. So fast forward today. Oz has found love again and is getting married this Friday and its to be “web cast” for everyone to see. I guess that works. We have the technology to do that so what the heck.

But who is he marrying? She’s a hot looking 41 year old former prostitute now a christian with a ministry called “Hookers for Jesus”. She was a high class call girl for 11 years and her clients where athletes and celebrities. I am happy for them both and I know the Lord forgives and forgets. So yes, she is forgiven and deserves to be happy. I have always heard that former prostitutes make the best wives but call me shallow, but it would be hard to call someone my wife who has probably literally sleep with hundreds if not thousands of other guys in the 11 years of her work. The implications would be overwhelming. How can some “one” stand up and compete  against that? And what the arguments that will surely come. There has to be an unbelievable amount “baggage” there.

Hear me out. I am happy she is out of the business and she has found happiness. But just from a guy’s point of view. It would be rough to have to compete mentally and physically with all those ghosts from her past.

So enclosing. Did he make the right decision? Or did he “jump the Shark” with this one. Opinions?

Good luck to you both…