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Freedom Festival Update… :(, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Yea, it’s a little late but my sources told me recently that in the end the Festival just couldn’t afford Billy Idol or Meatloaf so they are going with “The Bacon Brothers” instead…

So no “Rebel Yell” or “Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad” …

So, does that make you want to slam a beer down, get out of your car and dance? It does me … 😯

Updated: June 11, 2009 — 7:52 AM


  1. yea kevin bacon and his brother yea what a disapointment guess when that new arena is built we stil wont get anyone the caliber of ac/dc or aerosmith:( guess you gotta face it unless you love lame shit like disturbed or shit-staind you have to go 2 hours or more to catch a good show

  2. So now it’s Billy Currington, instead of “Idol” and “bacon” instead of “Meat loaf”.

    The menu has officially changed.

    yeah, Keef, the new Arena is a laugh. Have you ever tried to get in and out downtown at the fourth of July Fireworks display? Imagine that everytime there’s a concert. Dumbasses. They just don’t get it.

  3. and its the same number of seats!!!!!!!!!!!!wow what progress like i said ill gyess ill just stick with ol st louis i ve seen everything from celtic frost to metallica there

  4. What I find funny as Hell is the fact that Evanspatch has 2 good 1500 to 3000 seat theaters and an outdoor amphitheatre that will seat nearly 11,000, yet I usually have to drive a minimum of 3 hours to catch a Gov’t Mule or Allman Brothers show in the same sized venue.
    Just what we need is another arena for SMG to fuck up and let stand empty while they continue their convoluted excuses for not booking more than one or two A list acts a year, and usually punk assed tripe at best.
    I sure miss Larry Aiken !

  5. Actually, Keef, it’s less seating.

    I agree, Jim. Who the hell’s in charge of finding shows for this area? We’ve had Jimi Hendrix and Led Zepp in this town before, of course that’s been years ago (DUH) but you would think they could get something better than Taylor Swift to come sit in on a show here. I couldn’t believe that Tommy Emanuel graced us with his presence and I’ll bet there weren’t 200 people at that show. What a shame. This is why some acts never come back. Granted Tommy isn’t Joe Satriani but Hell, the dude rocks and it was a rather inexpensive show.

    Yeah, Larry knew how to bring em in didn’t he?

  6. OMG!!!!

    What a sad Festival. Nothing going on. $15.00 cover and heat in the sun. Instead, We went to The W.C. Handy Fest. It was FREE and there was Excellent Music, Excellent Food, not that same old Fall Festival crap,and it was mostly in the shade of some really nice trees. There was quite a turn out and I personally think that the city of Evansville and GAGE, or (GAG) as they should be referred to now, could certainly learn a few things from the City of Henderson. If GAGE had used local musicians and made this a music fest there would have been a better turn out but they are still charging too much for a Festival with no attractions.

  7. yeah i remeber in high school bitching becuse i had to wait a mionth and a half in between a poison coneecert for a bon jovi show.then complaning becuse metallica wasnt showing up until june and all that was coming was cinderella bullet boys and winger in may i really wish i could go back in time and slap myself . i was wondering about smg excuse for no big shows because the roof couldnt support the lighting rigs they had motley criue in febuary of 2006 and nickleback a month after that thoise where huge modern lighting rigs which are pretty much standard .so did the physics change in the molecular m ake up of lighting rigs and sound systems since then 😛

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