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I only have a few sites I check out everyday (Metal Sludge, Blabbermouth, Foxnews, etc.) but this one is sweet. Basically it’s just a site were people can send their random text messages they received or sent the night before from the area code they live in. I have included some of the recent ones I found funny as hell 🙂

(718): im about as happy as oj after his trial

(503): Don’t worry I’ll hold the wheel while you cum

(202): I hid a 6 pack in the microwave for later
(410): I knew I liked you

(239): I wish I could drop acid with the muppets

(732): I don’t know where I am, but I’m drinkin & I like these people

(206): got weed?
(425): I’m really tired of you accidentally texting me when your doing illegal things. I’m taking away your phone.
(206): sorry mom…

(321): Ask Niel how long his lasts if he plays with it a lot.
(1-321): he says 15-20 minutes depending on the porn.
(321): no his phone, idiot.

(803): I bet the first cavemant to make fire got so much pussy

and last but not least….

(812): My girlfriend went down on me and as she did she hummed the theme from star wars and pretended my dick was a lightsaber…I’m buying the engagement ring tomorrow

Here is the link :