Worst “Live” Vocalist in Metal History … Mr. Vince Neil

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Ok, Vince has the look for rock and roll √… He fits the band’s image √.. He has a great “studio” voice √ … but live? Hell to the “NO” … He sucks harder than Marilyn chambers did in her prime (You should watch her videos … SCHWWWINGGG!!! Today’s porn stars should learn how to suck cock  from her videos but that’s another subject. Back to Vince Squeal … This guy has never got it right … He sings “phonics” live instead of the lyrics … He is the weakest link in Motley Crue. It is shame that cover bands have to nail his studio lyrics down to a “T” to get a decent paying gig around here and that rich piece of shit probably couldn’t remember his own cell phone number and gets by with it. For fuck’s sake use a teleprompter if you can’t remember the words. Hell, even Ozzy has enough brain cells left to do that even if he does piss his pants on stage … Check out the youtube video for the proof. It just goes to show you that it doesn’t take a whole lot of talent to make it in music and it gives people like Keith that can’t remember the lyrics and also makes up shit a chance 🙂 …


Now it’s Al’s turn … fire away Al, what’s your take on Vince?


Vince Squeal! Good one Chuck but don’t you think that’s insulting to the things that can squeal in tune? Anyway, I loves me some studio Motley but you can keep the live stuff. I saw them once in 1998 and again when the Carnival of Sins Tour came to town. Glad I got a free ticket or I’d have been pissed. I watched the Lewd, Crued & Tattooed DVD recently and was flabbergasted. At least KISS has sense enough to overdub live stuff.

I snatched this from Metal Sludge:


1st verse

heeza wull lully onna ni flustay onna sahhahyyy
tinny ononnah tilly olly yah WARAARI!!!
weetana lah, loony allah la, waddamou
sillhoona will standall waaahhooowww!!!!

2nd verse
boll hee haa blood between ya thigh MAWNAWAN HA HA!!
strang to thetay theo thickeythay WORRY NOW!!
wheel to the keel, wardadydee wow to the draw
cezawhi standalalalee manchow laa laa”

Vince Neil: The James Brown of Metal.