We are looking for Witches/ Warlocks, Ghost Hunters…

ANIghostFlareCANIghostFlareCand anything else to do with Halloween! Got a good ghost story? Got a photo of a ghost? Go ghost hunting? Can you scare the Hell out of us and our readers? We need you !! You up for it? Contact us here at



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    i have plenty

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    keith heres a thought 🙂
    kickacts has been up for almost a year now..in the past you have said you would maybe write reviews on concerts, music and other stuff..but to date..all I get is comments from you….how bout finally ponying up and submitting something instead of off the wall comments that make you look like a dick even though I know your not:) so send in your ghost stories or whatever you wish to write about:)

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    No ghost stories…but how about aliens?
    I had a dream when I was 8 or so about 3 purple triangles outside my bedroom window. Fast forward about 20 years…listening to Coast to Coast Am. They’re talking about purple triangles and other forms of alien space ships. Maybe? Maybe not? hmmm? hmmm? I knew nothing of the sort at the age of 8. hmmm? hmmm?

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