Opinion Page:”GRIPS” Reports in on Double Dukes

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Went into Double Dukes last night for the first time on a Saturday night in 6 – 8 months—–WHAT A LET DOWN!!!.  One bartender, one security gaurd, and one person taking up the $5 cover charge (probably didn’t take in enough all night to pay her wages——most people were there before 8PM when they start charging to get in).  No waitresses!!!  There was a wedding reception going on in “The Ramada Inn” and I overheard the bartender say that she hoped some of the people from the reception would come into the bar because she could sure use the tips.  The Relics was the band—–if anyone came in from the wedding reception and paid the $5 cover charge—–they would be relics%3cO%3c%3cO%3c.  About 10:15 I got to realizing that there wouldn’t be any single, good-looking women coming into the place, because ain’t any good-looking women going to pay $5 to get into a club—–if any came in, they would be with a guy who would be paying her cover.  Everybody knows, if you can get single women coming into a bar—–guys are going to follow.

What a come down for one of the premier clubs in the tri-state in the 90’s and early 21st century.  I remember going in there on a Saturday night and Double Dukes (Charlie’s Place) would have 3 bars open (remember the one under the stairs), four bartenders, 5-6 waitresses, 3-4 security gaurds, and 2 door whores.  The manager would be hovering around keeping an eye on everything.  Hell, they even had a waitress at the door with a cooler of beer meeting you as you came in!!!  Good looking waitresses!!!  Good looking bartenders!!!
I realize Danny and his crew are trying their best, but they’re trying to overcome 4-5 years of poor
operations by prior management.  Thanks a lot Tammy%3cngry.  I mean, he’s trying—-big screens, specials—–but that poor, prior management is hard to overcome.  And it looks like all that business that was coming up from Madisonville on Friday and Saturday nights has dried up.  I look for Danny to close the place again after his lease is up and concentrate exclusively on “Bullys” and his other business interests.
By the way, saw on the Henderson County Court Docket that the Dukes (Audubon Loans) are taking Fred Yi (the current owner/operator of The Ramada) to court for not honoring the terms of his agreement with the Dukes.  Look for the Dukes, however reluctantly, to have to take over the operations of The Ramada again.  Don’t know how that would affect Double Dukes, but I will say this, the Dukes ran Double Dukes well when they had it——good looking, friendly bartenders and waitresses, efficent staff, something always going on.