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Earth’s Magnetic Field and Weather Can Affect Paranormal Investigations. From Richard of P.I.H.K., pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0
Earth's Magnetic Field and Weather Can Affect Paranormal Investigations

There is a consensus among ghost hunters that under some weather conditions more
paranormal activity occurs. Conditions that seem to help these paranormal events are
ones that influence the earth's magnetic field including solar flares, geomagnetic
storms and full moons. It is believed that ghosts use electrical energy in some way.

During paranormal investigations, equipment and batteries are sometimes drained of
energy and ghosts are thought to be the reason for that. During the conditions that
charge up the earth's electromagnetic field, it is thought that the ghost can tap
into the extra energy and that is why there are more paranormal events at those
times. Ghost hunters use paranormal investigators equipment such as their computers,
devices and the calendar to check conditions. 

Solar Flares

Extra solar activity in the form of solar flares affects the earth's geomagnetic
field. Some great paranormal evidence has been collected during times when there is
solar activity such as mega flares and geomagnetic storms. It is unknown why this
happens. Serious ghost hunters will watch for high-level periods of solar activity
and try to plan investigations during those times. Conditions where either an M
Class flare, X Class flare or a Mega Flare has occurred are ripe for ghost
investigations. When the geomagnetic field either indicates an unsettled or storm
condition that is another good time for paranormal investigations. 

Full Moon

Lunar phases also affect the earth's geomagnetic field. The earth's electromagnetic
field is affected when the moon is closer such as when it is full. People and
paranormal activity are both influenced when the gravitational force is affected
during a full moon. More activity seems to happen with the full moon by some
paranormal investigators while other investigators do not notice this fluctuation. 


Thunderstorms and lightning are also thought to be good for having success with a
ghost hunt. It is believed that during a thunderstorm a higher vibration frequency
is reached by both the living and the not so living, which can make the odds a bit
better for somebody to spot a ghost. Is it any wonder that thunderstorms seem like
such a likely setting for a scary event in a movie or a book? 

Solstice and Equinox

It is also believed that the solstice and equinoxes that occur every year present
more opportune times for paranormal investigation. This is not based on science; it
is because cultures from around the world believe that the solstice and equinoxes
are a supernaturally important time. 

So, the next time you want to raise your levels of a successful paranormal
investigation, try hunting after making sure that the earth's magnetic reading is on
storm and solar activity indicates a Mega Flare during a solstice or equinox and
that it is also a thunderstorm during a full moon all at the same time. With earth's
magnetic field and weather full of zap like that, you could get some great results
Updated: October 16, 2009 — 5:37 PM

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