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Orange Hour show

If you have never been to an Orange Hour show then you are missing out, and
if you have been to one of their shows, the melting of the face will stop
soon…I promise. You see what happens when you go to one of their shows is
you get torn up. If it’s not Nick beating you with his awesome rhythm and
clear beats, or Taylor dropping you to your knee with his awesome bass, then
it’s Darrell and Hugh melting your face with Darrell’s voice and Hugh’s
mastered guitar melting ability. Yes after the show you will not know
whether to try and keep your face from falling off your head or to scream
for more.

Seeing these guys live is phenomenal and I tell you when I heard them for
the first time I knew I was going to like them. Their style is hard to guess
since they are talented enough to jump from one sound to the other with no
problem.  From jazzy to alternative and in between, these guys know how to
get down.

Not many have heard from them, and there is a good reason for that, they’ve
been together for only a short period of time, and that’s what makes them so
good. You can tell musically they go together like coke and rum. One thing
you readers will learn about me is I don’t back something up that I
personally wouldn’t listen to myself. Speaking of which, Darrell I’m still
waiting for that cd.

Author’s note: You can see these guys every Friday at the Velvet Lounge in
Clearwater With ladies drinking free and guys you only got to
pay $3. You can also  Check them out at, or look for
them on myspace.

CE: Jon Tucker