1984 “Big Brother” may well be on its way… America BEWARE!!!!

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We should run like hell from this…I highlighted key areas of this proposal…(KA Editor)

Is a Biometric Identity Card the Key to Immigration Reform?

Two Senators, New York Democrat Chuck Schumer and South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham, certainly seem to think so. They recently presented an immigration-bill blueprint to President Barack Obama that includes a proposal to issue a biometric ID card – one that would contain physical data such as fingerprints or retinal scans – to all working Americans. The “enhanced Social Security card” is being touted as a way to curb illegal immigration by giving employers the power to quickly and accurately determine who is eligible to work…

Calabrese expresses worries that this ID will become a “central identity document” that one will need in order to travel, vote or perhaps own a gun, which Melmed calls “mission creep.”

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